Write a book, they said. (Nope.) Learn to cook, they said. (Nope.) Get on TikTok, they said. (Yep…) Take up yoga, they said. (Nope.)

Start a blog, they said? Maybe it counts as writing a book? Or finding a new hobby? Yeah. That sounds good. I’m pretty sure no one said it (they should have). Just as sure as I am that COVID-19 and quarantine turned not only my life upside down, but yours too. So I figured now is as good a time as any to stop suffocating my creative side and start turning this girl’s dream into a reality. I’m a teacher by trade and a mom by life. I’ve got two bruises, a bow, and a whole lotta books. (Insert thinking emoji here.)

Let me break it down for you…I have two boys, Luca and Dominic, who make quite the dynamic duo and are the definition of all things boy. I have a little girl, Tessa, whose thunder thighs and pudgy cheeks keep me craving all things girl. And I’m a K-4 literacy specialist at an elementary school in central Connecticut. Basically, I’m just a girl on the internet hoping someone might find the humor, chaos, and sometimes seriousness of my life and my job relatable. It may not be clean or fancy, but it sure is real, honest, and raw. And hopefully, a little helpful too! ❤



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It’s a lesson for myself more than anyone: it’s time to stop letting fear take the wheel!

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Oh, Hi There!

The reason behind the name change If you’ve been with me for a while now (well since summer 2020 to be exact), you might have noticed that, as of today (February 7, 2022), I’ve traded in Bruises Bows and Books for Blue Bows and Books. While I haven’t been as active on the blog side…

It’s been a while, and there’s been some big changes!!

A peek inside my summer ramblings, self-discovery, and commitment to shopping small this holiday season… Hi everyone!! Reintroducing myself for all of the new friends here over the past few months as I’ve taken a break from writing to enjoy summer with my kiddos. I’m Katie, and I’m a mom by life, elementary literacy specialist…