My Bruises

If anyone is wondering (I’m sure you’re not…you get the concept) why I coined them my bruises, it’s because I’m dealing with this 95% of my day. When I happened to snag this on camera today, it was all in good fun. But I’d say we run a 50/50 line there…one minute we’re best friends and the next we’re pure enemies.

COVID has been sucky from all angles. So I tell myself for my own sanity that I need to count my silver linings. One of them has definitely been these two becoming bonafide best buds. When literally the only peer you see for weeks on end is your two-year-old/four-year-old brother, you are forced to play together. We’re lucky these two have taken to it so well. I’ll take the endless bruises any day if this is the outcome.

I figure this is a good time to explain my two bruises, too. Because they couldn’t be more opposite. Luca is my first born, and with that came all the typical first born things. Yep, I coddled him, catered to him, and gave him everything he ever wanted. The endless and growing pile of crap in my playroom is testament to that. So inherently he’s the mama’s boy. He’s curious but cautious, likes to cuddle, and can turn on the fake whine or cry on a dime. He listens when I tell him no or ask for help. Dominic is the middle child, and with that came all things middle child. He’s a mischievous maniac that likes to solve problems with his fists or his teeth (gasp!). He’s bold and blonde and will probably be a little heartbreaker. He doesn’t listen when I tell him no or ask for help.

The last thing I want is for this blog to be a brag blog. But a little context never hurt. You’ll see the humor in future blog posts if you take the time to read this one!

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